Journals of a Week as a Mancell Graduate Accountant

Inspired by my fellows and hearing of the newly-started-soon-to-be-long-time-collaborations documented on the Mancell Pty Ltd blog, I decided that despite having only been in the accounting trade for a little over a week, I would deviate away from the profession momentarily and try my hand at writing.
I am currently completing my final semester at the University of Melbourne, studying accounting and finance, and have been given the opportunity by Mancell to work as an accountant alongside this. As such, I have dealt with the remarks for three solid years of complaints about the dull monotony of accounting from those individuals who have never delved into the area themselves, and failing to perhaps realise their own fields of study are also not exactly hit blockbusters or Broadway shows every lecture. But after three years of only sheltered exposure to accounting through university, the time has come for me to face the reality; whether that be a world of mind numbing number crunching behind a desk, or something more varied dealing with clients and colleagues and writing superlative blog posts, whatever the real life world held for an accountant, it was time to find out.
One week in, I am still probably not quite the person to be giving advice on this topic. In fact, I feel I’m questioning what life as an accountant is about more than anyone else right now - need I change my entire life direction? But being one week in, I seem to be the person that everyone is coming to for advice or questions about what life is like as an accountant. So, I will break down my interpretations thus far: Yes, it is exactly as the stereotype might suggest. But no, it also is not. In order to answer this more explicitly, I present: “Journals of a Week as a Mancell Graduate Accountant”.
My first day, and the thing that really stood out to me was the supportive office environment that has stemmed from the close knit community. Mancell is a small firm, but with enough people in the office to have established their own unique culture coming from individuals from many different backgrounds. The first day, many of the senior employees were absent with clients or for various other reasons, but the others welcomed me as the young, confused and likely somewhat incompetent student that I was. Boundaries were quickly broken down, and I found myself surrounded by an office of people willing to guide me to be the best graduate accountant I could be. Some data entry for tax returns, a team lunch and several meetings later and I was already one day into my career as an accountant.

Day two followed suit, with some fellow accountants that had been away the previous day making their mark on me, but it was day three where things mixed up a bit. Attending the Xero Roadshow with four colleagues, I noticed several things, including that Mancell had a very large and young team there by the apparent industry standards. Not only did this allow me to enjoy the unlimited food of quality that a university student rarely gets to experience with great company in my colleagues, but it also shows that Mancell is committed to progression. Xero is revolutionising the accounting industry, and by getting our team to be amongst the most knowledgeable Mancell is positioning themselves in a place where we are ready to transition and accommodate to the ever changing demands of our work and take it in our stride. As was discussed several times throughout the day, there is a sense of excitement that big things are building in accounting, and I confidently feel that Mancell will be at the forefront of this revolution.

Casual Friday soon came along, repping my corduroy pants to go with my locally designed Brunswick button up, and I found myself at the end of a week that had had many roadblocks, questions of my entire life direction and many new friends. It was also the first day in the office where things started to fall into place. I had settled in, knew what was expected of me and am working towards independence in the office without the ever caring Lynn always having to look over my shoulder. Week two will bring more challenges, I’m sure, as I further find myself with tasks at hand that are beyond the scope of university, but my questions as to my entire life direction? Accounting still seems to be the go. Yes, it is a lot of stereotypical data and number crunching, but there is so much more to being an accountant and part of the Mancell team than that, and that is something that I look forward to with avid anticipation. And if all that fails, perhaps I can become a professional conference attendee – free lunches and knocking off a few hours early every day wouldn’t be too bad either.

- Sam Blake

Posted on March 2, 2016 and filed under News.