Switzer Investor Strategy Seminar

A Day at the Switzer Investor Strategy Seminar

“It’s very hard to drive a car forward when looking in the rear-vision mirror.”
This was the key message we got out from the day spent in Crown Promenade conference hall with Peter Switzer and his guest speakers. The session was informative, insightful and entertaining at the same time.

Some thoughts we would like to share here:
There are so many news, articles, analysis reports feeding in our mail and email inbox every day. End of mining booming? Property bubbles? Another recession? Making a good investment strategy is getting very challengeable in the current economic climate.
In recent days, in the high speed of information exchange, an independent investor is not disadvantaged comparing to the institutional investors (Charlie Aitken). Information is made to the public timely and is accessible everywhere by anyone. The only difference people could make is how to use the information to make a good strategy.

Strategy needs to be made for clear goals, it also needs to be reviewed on timely basis. How to place the asset, whether the allocation is still appropriate giving the current personal situation or the current economic environment, what will happen in the next 1-2 years?
Economy eventually is made up by individual units, opportunities exist everywhere in our day to day life. To capture the opportunities, we need to be able to observe with shape eyes; think with clear mind, make clear goals and plan, then execution.
Finally, media should be used for information gathering, but not decision making.


Posted on March 23, 2016 and filed under News.