Charity cook off

Mancell had its first fundraising event to raise money for our child in Nepal who we sponsored from Save the Children Australia. We started this initiative because we wanted to build the foundations for a young child, and open up a window of opportunities for them grow to their potential. Being an office part of close-knit families, many of whom have young children, Save the Children was a cause close to our hearts and an ideal way to give back to society. Funds collected through staff donations go towards the education, development and nutrition of our sponsor child.  

For this quarter’s charity lunch, Adelia found a delicious Thai green curry recipe to cook. After many days of trialling and perfecting the taste of the Thai curry at home to ensure it was of a high quality to serve, Ken and Adelia cooked up a storm in the Mancell kitchen, spending a good two hours to bring to the table a well flavoured and mouth-watering yellow curry. Ken took no short cuts in making the recipe; everything had to be made from scratch, including the curry paste, to give an abundance of flavours. When the food was served, ten hungry staff devoured three bowls of curries, whilst chatting along. With each spoon, the strong flavours from the lemongrass, coconut, galangal, turmeric and chilli took us down to the streets of Thailand that afternoon.

Big thanks to Ken and Adelia for making this all happen! Also massive thanks to the rest of the Mancell office, for being extremely generous. We are very happy to announce that we raised more than enough to fund our sponsor child for the next six months, which is a great effort!    


Posted on June 22, 2016 .