Mancell joins FBI as a Foundation member

Mancell has joined the Family Business Institute as a foundation member.  This an exciting and ambitious initiative for Mancell and our Family Office aspirations.


Who is FBI?

The vision of Family Business Institute is to be the preeminent training and advisory body for professionals working with Family Businesses.  FBI was created by Jon Kenfield, Ross Anderson and Drew Ginn (Australian Olympic Gold medallist) who have extensive experience in the Family Business field.

The FBI membership requires a 12 month intensive training and 3 year assessment program.  I will be undertaking this training with the intention of sharing the knowledge and skills with our staff and clients.


Mancell Family Office Strategy


One of our key strategies from the June retreat was to build the profile of our Family Office.  FBI will provide a platform of learning, growth and networking in the Family Business space.

Mancell has been advising family businesses for over 30 years.  Before the concept of Family Office became more widely known and promoted, Mancell had been operating in this space.  Since inception we have been providing a unique and personalised service to families in business. 

Over the past 6 years Mancell has been a member of Family Business Australia.  We will continue this association and take it to a new level with the involvement in Family Business Institute. 

FBI embodies many of the beliefs and principles from my favourite book, Family Fortunes – How to build family wealth and hold on to it for 100 Years (by Bill &  Will Bonner)


Future events and activities


The first 2 day course was held in late July.  The next course is 26 & 27 August.  I will be providing more information on the course and outcomes achieved.  I will keep you posted on future developments.  If you are interested in this area, please contact me to discuss.

Mancell has been provided with a Family Business “Best Practice” on line assessment tool.  This a powerful tool to assess where you and your family are at with your strategy and planning.  Please contact if you would like to know more.



Posted on August 10, 2016 .