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Useful Xero Add-ons

Some Xero Add-Ons to think about

With all the changes to cloud-computing and technology in recent years, it is hard to keep up. Here at Mancell we have almost gone to a full cloud solution and haven’t looked back. The cloud has helped us stay agile and become more efficient and effective at our work. We are always here to discuss your needs and that may involve implementing some new software. Xero has become an integral part of the accounting landscape in recent times and we are always on the lookout for new add-ons that will help you do business with less fuss. Here are some to look out for:


simPRO is a software tool designed for tradies which can include electrical, plumbing, security, HVAC, service and other industrial contracting businesses. It can do invoicing and job management in a seamless manner. Some of the features of this are: service management, quoting, scheduling, invoicing, payments, purchasing and stock; and this can all be done online.


A similar option to simPRO is GeoOP. It is a job management system that can also be used on while mobile. GeoOP has a scheduler that can drag and drop workers to schedule their day and staff can easily see their own and other people’s work schedules. With GPS tracking, jobs can be automatically tracked and updated live as they progress from travelling to progressing the job. Like many other add-ons it has invoicing, recurring jobs, and quotes that can be issued. Parts and prices can be imported into the system. It can also link into “Unleashed” for inventory management.


Crunchboards is a reporting tool that will help you make high level business decisions. It can assist you track KPI’s for your business, set budgets, create your own formulas and in the end make better business decisions based on accurate reporting that is easy to read.


Vend is a point of sale system (POS) that can work with barcodes and scanners and any equipment you already have. It is a web based POS that can be used on a Mac, PC or even an iPad. It accepts payments and giftcards and can even do an online store. Take the hassle and expense out of owning a full POS system and keep a lightweight alternative.


Chasing up customers to pay invoices on time is costly and takes up resources. Chaser can automate the process of chasing up invoices over email. The good thing about it is, that it does not seem like the emails are automated but rather they feel like a regular email from you to your customer.


This software can be used for commercial and residential property management. It can provide your business with property management software that can show when rent is due, when to renew, alerts, maintenance, tenancy expiry dates and renewal rights. In addition to this, it can provide powerful reporting and analytics which can show reports on maintenance, income forecasts, budget reports and potential rent reports.

If you want to try some of these with your business, don't hesitate to contact us. We are always there to help you achieve your goals.


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Xero Roadshow 2016:

 Mancell @ Melbourne Xero Roadshow 2016:

Xero Roadshow

On the 18th of February, a group of staff had the privilege of representing Mancell at the annual Xero Roadshow 2016 in Melbourne. This event attracts hundreds of accountants, bookkeepers and small businesses who are keen on learning more about the new product updates, features and add-ons Xero has to offer. This is an incredibly exciting time for us to be working as accountants, as innovative technology has seamlessly made processes more efficient and effective which gives us more time to work on tasks which are bringing real value to our clients. At Mancell, we value these professional development events where we can equip ourselves with new knowledge with which we can share with the rest of the firm and our clients.

We were definitely impressed with the new updates, features and add-ons that Xero has to offer, and are eagerly looking forward to their rollout within the next 90 days. Here’s a snapshot of the key features:

Xero HQ: Integrates Xero Ledgers, Practice Manager and Workpapers on to one site. This serves as a notification of deadlines and tasks which need to be actioned.

Assurance dashboard: This dashboard improves the integrity and accuracy of information by raising alerts to peculiarities and errors detected in areas such as banking, payroll and workpapers. There will be direct links to the screen from the dashboard.

Xero U: This is an educational centre where small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers have access to webinars, product updates, training events and information about add-ons. These tools are great drivers of learning and continuous development!

Xero Me app: This is a new Xero mobile application for Xero payroll where staff can put through leave requests and check their payslips. Employees can also submit their timesheets through this app, making your life easier.

E-sign: Xero is working with Adobe to produce a digital signature so makes it easier to sign off income tax returns and activity statements, and is a feature Mancell is currently incorporating. For clients more comfortable with signing the physical documents, the option to print and sign is still available.

ATO Cloud Authentication Process: Xero Tax can now be conveniently connected to the ATO.

2 step authentication: This is a security measure over client information by sending a 6-digit code to your phone as an additional step of the verification process when logging in to Xero.

What’s there not to love about Xero?




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