Careers at Mancell Chartered Accountants


Why choose Mancell Chartered Accountants

We pride ourselves on professionalism, communication and honesty. This means we think of our staff like family and we work hard to give you the tools to achieve your own goals. Our staff mean a lot to us so we have an open workplace where we encourage communication.  We emphasize getting certification as a Chartered Accountant, and we provide peer support and mentoring for you to achieve that. Other things we encourage are external training events such as XeroCon.  Our staff are not expected to be just regular accountants, they are expected to do many different things which is why we encourage creativity. We want you to achieve your full potential and we will help you along the journey.




Our Values are who we are, it is what drives us not only to our clients but internally to staff.

We, at Mancell, expect our people to reflect the core values in their thinking and behaviour.

  • Professionalism
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Integrity / Honesty
  • Caring for clients and Staff
  • Reliability
  • Communication - Clear & Regular


Our culture is a reflection of our values. We want our staff to be honest and open to communicate. We have an open door policy and encourage our staff to communicate issues to everyone. We care for each other and we want to help each other to achieve our goals.



    Opportunities to work at Mancell are advertised online. However, we accept applications all year round from talented individuals. If you would like to apply, please include:

    • A cover letter stating the position you are applying for
    • Your current resume with your skills and experience
    • An academic transcript if you are applying for a graduate position or internship

    Please submit the above through email to