Service Approach

Our goal is to to provide a unique and unparalleled client experience.  For many, who are unfortunately used to being a number within a system when it comes to their professional service providers this may seem strange. On the contrary though, at Mancell we see it as our fundamental point of differentiation and advantage. 

In Japanese culture the notion of "Omotenashi", the ideology of dedication to service excellence beyond possible expectation, is a key cornerstone of day to day life. Likewise here at Mancell we have taken influence from Japanese culture and actively seek to imbue everything which crosses our desks with this notion, it is a constant goal we strive for. We are placed within the industry as a dedicated team of professionals aiming and actively achieving bringing professional service to this level for all our clients, be they big or small. As such, the results speak for themselves.

Exactly how this occurs is specified to the smallest of details in our CRM process and in turn, insures that everything that leaves our office has inbuilt Omontenashi.

Our Client Relationship Management (CRM) Process

In producing Reports and/or Returns, we use a 6 milestones CRM process starting with Planning.  This usually takes place before the financial year/end or before the commencement of the service engagement.  Embedded in this process is our rigorous review process to ensure that regulatory non-compliance risks are minimised and appropriate strategies are presented to you.